The surround and stereo work places at NSONICS
main equipment work place 1:
Yamaha DM2000, 96 channel digital mixing desk with RME-ADI8-QS AD/DA,
monitoring: five ADAM S3A + Genelec 1094A (stereo + surround)
hardware reverbs and FX: two TC M6000 mainframes + Icon and MD5.1 surround mastering license,
two Yamaha SREV1 convolution reverbs, EMT 248, Lexicon MX400, Eventide DSP4000,
Quantec 2496 surround room simulator, Yamaha DMP7D
other outboard: Juenger Accent 1 dynamic processor, AKAI DD1500/DR16Pro editor
microphone interfacing: three Neumann DMI-2 digital microphone interfaces (6 Ch.), Sennheiser MZD8000,
two Audio & Design DMA-2 digital controlled preamps
microphones: Schoeps, DPA + B&K, Neumann Digital (Solution-D), Shure, SoundField, Sennheiser, Line Audio,
hardware synthesizers and samplers: Access Virus TI Polar, three Yamaha EX5R, Yamaha VL1m,
Roland V-Synth and V-Synth XT, AKAI MPC4000, AKAI S6000, Roland VP-9000
sound design processing: Symbolic Sound Kyma with Caypybara-320 hardware, INA GRM Tools, Zynaptiq, SoundMorph
DAW software: Nuendo 7, Cubase 9.5 Pro, ProTools 9 HD, Logic Pro 9, Samplitude Pro 11, Ableton Live 9, Melodyne Studio4, Acon Acoustica 7 Premium
plug ins (selection): Waves Diamond + Waves Surround 360 bundles, Native Instruments Komplete 8, Sonnox, McDSP,
UAD-2, Solid-State-Logic Duende Native, Halion 6, Plugin Alliance, Virsyn, Korg Legacy collections,
Lexicon PCM Total Bundle, Flux, u-he, Eventide, Exponential Audio Phoenix Surround Reverb, Applied Acoustics, Melodyne Studio 4
additional Software: Acon Digital Acoustica 7, WaveLab 6, 9 EL (PC), WaveLab 9.5 Pro (Mac), Sound Forge 2 Mac, Sound Forge 11 PC, Audition CS6,
Samplitude Pro X3, DSP Quattro 4, iZotope RX6 Advanced spectral editor, Final Cut Studio, Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 14, SurCode DTS-HD encoder,
additional controllers: Jazzmutant Dexter/Lemur, iPad2 + iPad 5th Gen, Native Instruments Maschine, c-thru Axis 49
location recording:
Sound Devices 744T, Tascam DR-701D, 2x Neumann DMI-2p, Grace Design V3 preamp+A/D,
MacBook Pro + Boom Recorder Pro software, Nuendo Live
main computer: MacPro with RME HDSPe MADI + RME Hammerfall PCie + DigiFace
main equipment work place 2:
reverbs and FX: Quantec 2402 room simulator, EMT 248, TC Fireworx
hardware synhesizer: Yamaha EX5R
microphone preamp: True Systems P-Solo,
software: Cubase 9 Pro, Ableton Live 9, ProTools 12, Halion 5, Native Instruments Komplete 8, Acon Acoustica 7 Premium, Wave Editor, TwistedWave,
WaveLab 9 EL
plug ins (selection): Waves Diamond bundle, VirSyn, Korg Legacy collections, SSL Duende, Lexicon PCM Native Reverb, Plugin Alliance
main computer: MacMini with RME FireFace UC
div: Pioneer EFX1000, Korg MS-20 analog synthesizer (original)
additional controller: McMillen QuNexus, Korg MS20 Legacy controller
monitoring: TC Electronic BMC-2 D/A with ADAM A7 (stereo), five Genelec 1029A + 1091A (surround)